PP UD Tape is a kind of thermoplastic prepreg impregnated unidirectional tape (UD tape) made of CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) composites. It can be offered in a wide range of fiber and resin combinations.

The CFRT UD tape is designed for sandwich panels and laminated panels used in vehicles and winding pipes. The PP UD tape with continuous fiber reinforced composites is especially ideal for large parts due to its unique characteristics that greatly reduce the overall cost.

TOPOLO provide CFRT PP UD tapes with a wide range of weight from 240g to 680g various in thickness for you to choose:

Weight CFRT Material Thickness
240g PP UD Tapes 0.16 mm
340g PP UD Tapes 0.22 mm
450g PP UD Tapes 0.30 mm
510g PP UD Tapes 0.33 mm
680g PP UD Tapes 0.44 mm



Low cost


High strength

Chemical resistance (corrosion, mildew, and various cleaning chemicals)

No VOC, green, clean and recyclable



Properties Test Standards Units Typical Value
Fiberglass Content GB/T 2577 Wt% 60
Density GB/T 1463 g/cm3 1.49
Tensile Strength of Tape 2 ISO527 MPa 800
Tensile Strength ISO527 MPa 300~400
Tensile Modulus ISO527 GPa 15
Flexural Strength ISO178 MPa 250~300
Non-notched Impact Strength ISO179 Charpy kg/m2 120~180


1: Sample was made by multi-layer 0° 0.3mm CFRT tape molding;

2: Single layer of 0.3mm tape was tested


TOPOLO is specialized in providing lightweight solutions by your exclusive vehicles. Our CFRT composites and fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials feature outstanding mechanical properties like high durability, chemical resistance, and fire retardance that meet a range of application demands.

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